Lend a Helping Hand

For our friend, Phirun, in Cambodia

From October 29th through December 4th, we traveled Southeast Asia. During our time in Cambodia, we had the pleasure of meeting Phirun. He was our tuk tuk driver the whole week. The day he drove us to the floating village, he stopped as we neared our destination... "This is where me and my family live," he said. Throughout the day we learned more and more about what he goes through each day to try to make ends meet, and care for his wife, two children and in-laws. Because he lives a good distance from the city, he does not have electricity. He's also trying to obtain more land to hand down to his children. Because his father died of illness, his mother had to sell the land they had to pay for the medical bills. Phirun had to start from scratch. We decided to take him on as our first sponsorship through Gypsy & Me. He needs $300 to install electricity in his home and $500/month to pay his monthly expenses. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR COUNTS, folks! We ask that you take a moment to think about how much money you so easily spend on that cup of coffee, article of clothing, dinner out, apps on your phone, nails, gym membership you hardly use, drinks, home decor, etc. Now take some of that and donate it to someone whose life could change immensely... someone who'd be so grateful. An estimated 16 percent of the world's population — 1.2 billion people — have little or no access to electricity. Phirun's family is part of this population. During a certain season, he says many people who live closer to the floating village have to evacuate to buildings further away due to cobra snakes. Their way to repel cobras is to slice lemons and place them around the home. Insane, right?! We're so fortunate to never have to worry of such things. Our trips around the world teach us so much and open our minds and eyes to how good we truly have it here. With grateful hearts, we reach out to you and ask for your help to change someone's life.

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